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G2M Game Design & Production Program

100% Online

Duration: 12 months

  • Basics to advanced game design topics

  • Make your own game from scratch in a team

  • Build a world class portfolio

  • Career mentoring from game industry veterans

  • Bonus 1: G2M Game writing and Narrative Design Masterclass Series

  • Bonus 2: G2M Free-to-play Masterclass Series

Game Design & Production Program

The only authentic game design course in India

Make your own game with industry standard production process

Game world and Level design 

Game Character Design

Game User interface design

Sound and music design

Game story and narrative

Mobile F2P design 

Game marketing

Game Project Planning

Online class modules

Live Masterclasses

Live coaching classes to clear doubts

Live class library


Kaushik Varma

Amazing course. The course is designed in such a way that anyone can do it alongside their profession and it gives a very great insight on what goes into making games for complete beginners, be it an artist, a programmer or a designer. Beats every other game Institute/academy when it comes to delivering the actual experience of how it feels to work in the gaming industry.

Vedant Khandelwal

 In this program, I found a group of ambitious peers on the same journey as me willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. This program teaches you how to collaborate with people who bring unique specialised skill sets and put it all together into a complete functioning game. The presence of mentors who are always available to guide you and provide feedback also adds to the value overall. This program is the access to a community of peers, seniors, mentors and professionals who are actively working in the scene and who are willing to share their knowledge and experience for the growth of the entire community.

Aman Verma

It has been a revolution in the way I think about the process of game development. There were some eye-openers to keep my expectation in check and help me enhance the dexterities that I need to be better at what I do. Talking about the G2M process of "Learning game development by making games", you get the opportunity to build a game project in coalition with complete guidance. It has been a great experience to be a part of this community, and it's always great to talk to folks out there with different skill sets but all sharing the same fascination for video games. G2M, for me, has not just been a course; it's an experience that can help one become a better game developer.

Build your game

industry network

Exclusive channels on

G2M Discord server

Career mentoring to 

achieve your goals

G2M Game Design & Production Program

Scroll down to see the course curriculum.

The Gamer2maker is an end-to-end game design and Production course that teaches the fundamentals of how video games are made. 

Apart from recorded classes, there are live regular coaching classes to clear doubts, Masterclasses that dive deep into important topics and and exclusive channels on the Gamer2maker Discord server where students can get feedback and mentoring.

BUT most importantly, the course is focused on students making their OWN GAME PROJECTS; resources, templates and ample support is provided for this.  

ALSO, there is CAREER GUIDANCE where students are shown how to get ready for their chosen path, be it getting a job or taking the path of entrepreneurship.

This course helps students to prepare a portfolio for a rewarding career in the video game industry and helps them to actually be industry ready!


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to G2M
  • Welcome Spartan, let's GO!

  • Intro to G2M

  • The two mantras

  • The 4 Ps

  • Seven Big Mistakes

  • Goal Setting Exercise

Module 2: Basic Concepts
  • Introduction

  • Game Genres and History

  • Game Platforms 1: Mobile

  • Game platforms 1: PC

  • Game Platforms 3: Console

  • Game Platforms 4: Browser

  • List of sites for Free Casino Games

  • Perspectives

  • Dimensionality

Module 3: Game Design 101
  • The Magic Circle

  • Looking Under the hood

  • Playground Game breakdown

  • Four Kinds of Fun

  • Play it till you make it

  • Assignment: Four kinds of fun

  • Elevator Pitch Assignment

  • Disc-O-Hockey

  • Playground Game breakdown

Module 4: Game Creative Strategy
  • The Big WHY

  • What's driving your game?

  • Where do game ideas come from?

  • Let's go CAMPing! Part 1

  • Let's go CAMPing! Part 2

  • Concept documents

  • G2M Game Concept Cheat sheets

  • G2M Concept Document template

  • G2M Pre production Worksheet

  • Researching your Competition

  • G2M Game Design Documents

  • Documents and game pitches recordings from different batches

Module 5: Game Design 
  • Design Module Intro

  • G2M Game Design Document Template

  • Gameplay and Progression

  • Managing Difficulty

  • Story and Narrative

  • Character Design

  • Game Worlds I

  • Game worlds II

  • Level Design

Module 6: Game Design Document
  • GDD Masterclass Part 1

  • GDD Masterclass Part 2

  • GDD Masterclass Part 3

Module 7: Planning and Production
  • Game project management masterclass

  • Intro to the production process

  • Using game documentation

  • File management and collaboration

  • Working as a game team

  • Resolving conflict

  • External collaborators

  • Art Pipeline

Module 8: Road to Alpha 
  • Building your first playable

  • Art Pipeline for Alpha

  • Design tasks for Alpha

  • Adding sounds and music

Module 9: Alpha to Beta
  • Art Integration

  • Game world creation

  • Alpha Testing

  • Game optimization

  • Community building

Module 10: Polish!
  • Welcome to the last 90%

  • What a polished game looks like

  • Brace yourselves, FEEDBACK is coming!

  • Beta testing

  • Dealing with stakeholders

Module 11: Road to Final 
  • Setting game difficulty

  • Tuning the sound experience

  • Creating a great tutorial

  • Making your trailer

  • Creating marketing assets

Module 12: Push!
  • Developing your strategy

  • Create a website and blog

  • Community management

  • Leveraging social media

  • Mobile game marketing

  • Pitching your game

  • Finding a publisher

  • Talking to the press

  • Updating your game

Bonus Module: Career Foundation
  • What role is best for you?

  • Game Career planning after 12th standard

  • Personal Branding

  • Presentation skills I

  • Building your network in the game industry

  • Building a reputation

  • Getting people to buy into your ideas

  • Business of Games I

  • Resolving creative conflict

How to Use?

After successful purchase, this item would be added to your courses. You can access your courses in the following ways :

  • From the computer, you can access your courses after successful login

  • For other devices, you can access your library using this web app through browser of your device.

Free Bonus 1

(worth ₹11999/-)

G2M Game writing and Narrative Design Masterclass Series

  1. Learn the two pillars of storytelling in video games: game writing and narrative design

  2. Discover how to create and deliver engaging interactive narratives through scriptwriting, pacing, character development, world-building and more

  3. Learn how to use tonal design, quest design, level design, gameplay design and technical design to deliver immersive and engaging experience to the players

  4. Suitable for game development students with an interest in storytelling and storytellers from other mediums looking to explore the world of video games.

Free Bonus 2

(worth ₹17999/-)

G2M Free-to-play Masterclass Series

  1. Delve into the fundamentals of mobile free-to-play game design by understanding the two key elements: monetization strategies and user engagement techniques

  2. Master the art of creating and delivering captivating mobile gaming experiences through the use of various design elements such as in-app purchases, live events, and data analysis

  3. Learn how to utilize various design techniques such as level design, gameplay design, and technical design to enhance player immersion and engagement

  4. Perfect for game development students with an interest in mobile game design, as well as professionals from other industries seeking to expand their skills into the mobile gaming world.

Student Testimonials